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Per Day 250 Indian Rupees + Travelling expense. Available for 15 Kms in and around Kollam City

Security Guard Service

Rottweiler Dog for security guard

Security guard service is the most valuable solution we are providing to our customers to protect their home and property. As you have precious and wanted items in your home, it is not safe to leave your home without any security person or guard dogs. We have very vigilant and well trained guard dogs. They bark loudly to alert your neighbors about any intruder's presence and they will definitely scare away the intruder. We train our dogs to lift up intruders or buried persons by scent, sight or sound, and also protect the home and property by showing proscribed violent behavior. Using this aggressive behavior our trained dogs can able to keep in custody any encroacher until the concerned persons come and solve the situation.

Here we have extremely competent ex-forces trainers and handlers, who have an established history and knowledge about dogs and dog handling.

We are providing Doberman pinscher; German shepherd and Rottweiler for sercurity guard services as they are best among guard dogs.