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500 Indian Rupees for all dog breeds. Contact Us

Dog Grooming Service

Dog grooming

If you’re a dog owner, you should always be conscious about the necessity of Dog’s grooming; it is one of the basic requirements of your dog because grooming maintains dog’s physical looks and feels. Usually a dog required grooming based on its hair type and breed. So you need to know how much periodic grooming your dog required! Always remember to groom your dog and choose a best grooming center for effortless and painless grooming. Certainly, we are using appropriate grooming tools for different breed dogs and also doing it in a stress free method. So contact us today itself to groom your dog. We are providing the best in class facilities to groom your dog. Moreover you can easily reach our grooming Kennel as it is located at Kollam City.

We will only groom vaccinated Dogs. So please make sure that your dog has already taken Rabies vaccine, DA2PPV / DHPPV / DHLPPV / DA2PP-C / Distemper-Parvo / 5-in-one / seven-in-one and Lyme disease vaccine. Contact us for grooming your dog in a stress free method.

Dog Grooming Pack

Bath, groom out (hair cut), clip and trim including nails, ears, etc.

500 Indian Rupees for all dog breeds. Contact Us