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Dog Boarding Service

German Shepherd Dog in our boarding

On certain occasion, most probably you will need to leave your dogs behind while you're on tour, but it is not easy to simply leave them. As a lovable owner, definitely you want to ensure that your pet dog is in a comfortable and protective hand before you start your journey. At that point, you will think for boarding your dog, You don't worry, we are there to help you, call us today and make use of our better hygienic boarding Kennel for your Dogs to stay safe! Definitely your dogs will enjoy their temporary living space!

We are providing the best in class facilities for your dog including grooming, periodic medical checkups, and nutrition foods along with hygienic living conditions. Moreover it is easy to reach Our Boarding Kennel as it is located at Kollam City.

We will only allow admission to vaccinated Dogs. So please make sure that your dog has already taken Rabies vaccine, DA2PPV / DHPPV / DHLPPV / DA2PP-C / Distemper-Parvo / 5-in-one / seven-in-one and Lyme disease vaccine. Contact Us for boarding your dog in a safe hand.

Boarding charges varies according to the breads. Following are the price allocated for our boarding service. This may vary at any time.

Boarding Tarrif for 1 Day
Bread Name 1 time food and accommodation 2 times food and accommodation 3 times food and accommodation
All Breeds 250 Indian Rupees 300 Indian Rupees 350 Indian Rupees

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