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Affenpinscher Breed Information

The Affenpinscher is a breed of toy dog, of wiry haired appearance, with high intelligence and good manners, making it a good choice as house hold pet. As the name indicates, the bred originated from Germany. In German, Affenpinscher means ‘monkey like’ representing the monkey like expression on its face. The breed was first developed to get rid of rodents running around in houses and granaries. The coat of this dog is usually rough and hard, but cabe made, softer and fluffier, if it is clipped regularly. The coat over it head and shoulders forms a shaggy mane, where as its back and the hind quarters are covered with the shorter coat. According to the standard specifications given by FCI; World Canine Organization and KC; The Kennel Club, the colour of the coat is black, but AKC, the American Kennel Club, approves colour varieties of this breed varying from silver, black, red, grey, beige and also tan. Many mistakes Affenpinscher, as a terrier, on the basis of its appearance, but this breed is very different from a terrier, and is actually part of the group pinscher- schnauzer. Affenpinschers are usually daring, active and curious dogs. They are stubborn very demanding and also fun loving at the same time. These dogs always enjoy and cherish human presence, and are also very protective towards their owners. Affenpinschers are very keen to please and hence can be easily trained. These dogs are not meant to be spoiled, as if proper training is not provided there is a high chance for them to brood. These dogs are territorial regarding its food and toys and can become very violent when their space is invaded by strangers or strange dogs. The median life span of Affenpinschers is 11 years. 24 percent of this breed die from old age, and are highly prone to urologic diseases and hip dysplasia. Being small dogs the chances of accidents and frequent fractures are more. They can also be disturbed by respirational infections during hot summers. Affenpinschers allegedly do not shed or moult. The loose of fur in the body can be reduced by regular grooming of the dog.

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