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Wirehaired pointing griffon Breed Information

Wirehaired pointing griffon was first developed in Portuguese, in the year 1870, by Eduard Korthals, and this breed was developed as hunting dogs. This breed can adapt well in all terrines, be it wet or dry. This breed was used to hunt small animal like quails and hares. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1887. Wirehaired pointing griffon is average in size and is muscular in appearance. They are powerful and strong. Their skull is round and their head has a square appearance. They have a short muzzle ending at their nose, with wide nostrils, which gives them excellent sense of smell. Their teeth forms scissor bite, and their ears are flat against their head; slightly hanging, with rounded tips. The tail of this breed is usually docked, and the coat covering the body of this breed is usually rough and soft in texture. They are available in brown, tan, white and orange colours. This breed has bushy hairs forming beard and also moustache around its face. This breed makes excellent hunters. They have good hunting instincts, they can easily adapt to any kind of terrines, varying from dry, wet and also marshy. They are also used as gun dogs. They are perfect companions for hunter. This breed is a quite good retriever, with an excellent sense of smell. They are always very energetic and active. They are rather cheerful and also happy breed. If they are properly trained they can be perfect household companions. They are excellent with children and love playing with them and also spending time with them. They are very loyal towards their master. They might act strangely or show signs of nervousness when around strangers, if they are not properly socialized. Socializing lessons should be given to this breed from an early age. The average height and weight of a healthy wirehaired pointing griffon, is 50 cm to 56 cm, and 23 kg to 27 kg, respectively. They are not a good choice for apartment dwellers, as they can be quite destructive when they are confined in small spaces. They need open spaces to run around. They are very energetic and hence should be taken out for walks and also run in the woods. They should be brushed every day, and their ears should be cleaned and checked for any signs of infection. They should be groomed once in every year. They are prone to health conditions like PRA, and hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of a healthy Wirehaired pointing griffon is 10 years to 12 years.

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