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Wire Fox Terrier Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in the British Isles, in around the 17th century. The wire fox terrier was initially bred from English Hounds and Dachshunds, and later was bred from Fox Hounds and Beagles. They were used as farm dogs in the earlier days. They were used to keep the farm free from unwanted animals. They were also used by hunters to track the game. They are available in both smooth and also wire coats. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel club in the year 1885. They were used as watchdogs, hunting dogs, trackers, and also as performing dogs. They are medium in size. They have flat skull, and a tapering muzzle. Their teeth form scissor bite. Their ears are small and are triangular in shape. They have a thick neck, which is muscular in appearance. Their tail is high set and is generally found docked after birth. The coat covering their body is wiry, and is covered with curls. They also have an undercoat, which is soft in texture. They are found in white colour, with back and also brown patches all over the body. They are very fearless and also very much bold in character. They are affectionate as well as sweet. They are very playful and also enthusiastic when they are with children. They are highly loyal towards their master and also the family. They like to hunt small animals like rabbits and also birds, but never kill them. They can be aggressive around other people, but if they are trained and socialized properly, they will do fine with the company of others. They can be easily trained as they are very smart and also quick learners. They are dominant in nature and are also highly energetic. They need a confidant as well as a firm trainer to lead them. The average weight and height of a healthy male dog is 7 kg to 9 kg and 37 cm to 42 cm respectively. In case of females, the average weight and height is 6 kg to 8 kg and 34 cm to 39 cm. They will do fine in an apartment if they are given proper exercise. This breed is highly prone to mast cell tumour. The average life expectancy of this breed is 15 years.

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