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White English Bulldog Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in the northern part of Florida in the 17th century. This breed was basically used as working dogs. This breed is medium in size and is also well built. They are very powerful and muscular in appearance. The neck of this breed is strong and also slightly arched. They are very swift breed. The coat covering the body of this breed is coarse. This breed is available in different colours varying from white, tan, brindle and also fawn. They have a broad head. The ears of this breed are high set in the either side of their head and are slightly folded, and are rounded near the tips. The teeth of this breed are set in scissor bite. They have a square shaped muzzle which is broad in appearance. They have small and also compact feet. The tail f this breed is usually docked right after their birth. This breed is a great family companion and also a perfect choice as herd dogs. They were also used as retriever in dry terrine and also wet terrine. They are very loving as well as caring towards their family and also master. They are very keen to please their master and hence they are very easy to handle. They are easy to train as they are fast learners. They might get aggressive around strangers, which should be avoided by proper socialization. They are very loyal and also devoted to their master. They can be good companions for children if they are properly trained. They should be trained by firm as well as strong minded trainers. This breed loves the attention and also the care given to them by the family. They can easily adjust in an apartment as long as they are provided with sufficient exercise. If this breed is not properly exercised, they might tend to get destructive in nature. The average height and weight of a male English bull dog is 53 cm to 62 cm and 29 kg to 30 kg. In case of females the average height and weight are, 51 cm to 70 cm and 25 kg to 30 kg. They are very easy to groom. They should be brushed and combed, once every day. They are generally very healthy breed. The average life expectancy of a healthy English bull dog is 10 years to 16 years.

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