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Welsh terrier Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Wales. This breed is also known as old English terrier and black and tan wire haired terrier. This breed was initially used as hunters. They were used to hunt foxes and also otters. They are very good hunters, trackers, watch dogs and also guard dogs. This breed has resemblance towards the airdale terriers. They are powerfully built and are medium in size. They are compact and also strong. Their head is almost rectangular in shape, with short muzzle. Their teeth are set in scissor bite, and in certain cases, level bite level bite can also be seen. They have erect ears, which are high set and also folded in the shape of V. the tail of the breed is usually docked right after their birth. This breed is double coated and the outer coat is wiry and also smooth in texture and the undercoat is thick and also protective. The whole body of the breed is covered with wiry hairs. The face of Welsh terriers is covered with thick eyebrows, moustache and also beard. This breed is available in black and also black and tan combination. This breed is very cheerful and also living. They are generally friendly and calm. They are easily attached to the family and the master. This breed is keen to please their aster, and hence is very easy to handle and train. They should be trained by a firm and also confident leader. If they are not trained properly, they might develop behavioural problems like stubbornness, dominancy, and also jealousy. This breed might get aggressive around strangers, and to avoid this they should be socialized properly from an early age. They are very friendly and also excellent companions for children. They love to spent time with the family and their master, and this breed should never be left alone for long, without guidance. The average height and weight of this breed is 39 cm and 9 kg to 10 kg. This breed is not suitable for apartments as they are very energetic and tends to become destructive when confined in small area. They should be taken out for daily exercises. Their hair should be plucked regularly and they should be brushed every day. They are prone to health conditions such as eye infections and also hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of a healthy welsh terrier is 10 years to 12 years.

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