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Toy Fox Terrier Breed Information

This breed is also known as American Toy Terrier and w around in the year 1930 as originally developed in United States of America. This breed is believed to have been bred from, Smooth Fox Terrier. They were used to hunt vermin. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club, in the year 2003. This breed is compact and has a proportionate body. Their ears are erect, and is in the shape of V. their muzzle is narrow. The coat covering the body of this breed is short as well as thick. The tail of this breed is short, and is usually docked right after birth. This breed is available in different colours varying from, black, tan and also in combination of both with white. They are tough and fearless breed. They are brilliant, intelligent and can also be stubborn at times. They are keen to learn, and are always very active. They are fast learners, and hence are easy to train. They are loving and affectionate towards the family and their master. They are very devoted and also loyal towards their master. They are perfect as companion dogs. They are gentle and calm around children. They love to send time and also play with them. Be sure that you properly train and also socialize your toy fox terrier. They can be aggressive towards strangers and this should be avoided with proper training. They can be friendly towards other household pets, but they should be kept away from smaller animals like rabbits and hamsters.The average height of a healthy toy fox terrier is 26 cm and the average weight of this breed is 2 kg to 3 kg. This breed is suitable for apartments but they should be provided with sufficient exercise. They should be taken out for daily walks, and also jogs. They are very easy to groom. Their short coat should be brushed and combed daily, in order to keep them smooth. They are generally allergic to number of food items from, corn, wheat and beet. The average life expectancy of this breed is 13 years to 14 years.

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