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Tibetan Terrier Breed Information

Unlike the name, this breed is not a terrier. They were first developed in Tibet, by monks, and are considered as an ancient breed. This breed was developed by monks and was considered as good luck. They were recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1973. This breed was mainly used as herding dogs. This breed is medium in size and also compact. Their teeth s set in scissor bite. Their ears are low hanging, and pendant shaped. This breed has curled tail, which is covered with featherings. The body of this breed is double coated. The outer coat of the breed is fine and smooth and the under coat is soft and woolly. This breed is smart and intelligent. They are loving and compassionate towards their master and family. They are fun loving and also playful. They are great companions for kids. They should be properly trained in order to avoid stubborn behaviour. They can be loud barkers at times. They are always watchful and also alert, and hence make great watchdogs. They are very protective over their master and also their family. This breed might get aggressive around strangers, and in order to avoid such issues they should be properly socialized. They are usually friendly with other house hold pets. They love to spend time with the family and stay close to them. The average height of a healthy Tibetan terrier is 36 cm to 43 cm and the average weight of a healthy Tibetan terrier is 9 kg to 14 kg. They are good choice as apartment dogs, as long as they ae properly exercise. This breed is very active and also energetic; hence if they are not properly exercised they can be destructive. This breed should be groomed regularly. They should be brushed and also combed daily. Their coat should be wet before you brush or comb it. They should be bathed once in every week, and their ears should be cleaned every day. This breed is very sensitive and is prone to retinal atrophy and also hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 15 years..

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