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Thai Bangkaew Dog Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in a rural region of Thailand. This breed was used as working dogs by the fishermen in the region. They are great swimmers and hence are also used as rescue dogs at times. Now they are used as family dogs and also as guard dogs. They are medium in size and also square in appearance. The body of this breed is covered with double coat. The outer coat is harsh and also rough in appearance and is covered with long hairs. Their tail is plumed, and is slightly curved towards the end. They are available in black, brown, grey and also red. This breed is very smart and also intelligent. They are great working dogs, and also athletic, they are swift on their feet, and are good swimmers. They are loyal and also devoted to their master and their family. The easily get attached to the family. They are gentle and also calm around kids. They love the care and attention they receive. But they should never be left alone with children, as they can unintentionally hurt the children. They might act aggressively around strangers and also unfamiliar animals. This should be avoided by providing proper socialization to this breed. They might act dominantly at times, in order to avoid this kind of behaviour, they should be properly trained. They have a natural tendency to hunt down and chase smaller pets like rabbits and also hamsters, hence they should be kept away. They are very fearless and protective at certain times. They are loud barkers, and alert their master with frequent loud barks. They are hard to train, hence is not a good choice for in experienced owners. The average height and weight of a healthy male Thai Bangkaew dog is 46 cm to 56 cm and 19 kg to 20 kg respectively. In case of females, the average height and weight is 41 cm to 51 cm, and 16 kg to 18 kg respectively. They can easily adjust in apartment, if they are properly exercised. They should be taken out for walks and also swims. The average life span of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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