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Standard Schnauzer Breed Information

Standard schnauzer is the oldest breed of schnauzer, compared to the other three breeds in the family. This breed was originally developed in Germany. They were used as messenger dogs, during the First World War. They were also used as hunter dogs, retrievers, guard dogs, and also as herd dog. They are good hunters and have great tracking skills. This breed is highly obedient and also competitive. This breed is medium in size, and is squarely built. They have high resemblance to the Giant schnauzer, except the size. They have broad skull, and their head is long and rectangular in shape. Their teeth form scissor bite. They have V shaped ears, which are usually cropped after birth. They have high set tail, which is usually docked, up to 1-2 inches. They have small and compact feet. Their body is covered with double coat, in which the outer coat is hard and wiry and the inner coat is comparatively soft. They are available in black and salt & pepper colour. They are very good choice as a watch dog as well as guard dog. They are very active and energetic, but they can be destructive if not provided with enough exercise. They are very affectionate and caring in nature. They are good companion dogs and travel mates. They are fast learners and are easy to train. The can be quite stubborn and fearless at times. They should not be left alone with children as they would act aggressively if provoked. They are very protective towards the owner and also the family. They should be properly socialized or else they might behave roughly toward other pets and also smaller animals. They should have dominant owners, or else they may act wilfully. The average height of male Standard schnauzer is 46 cm to 52 cm, and the average weight is 15 kg to 21 kg. In case of females the average height and weight are 44 cm to 49 cm and 14 kg to 19 kg. They should not be brought up in a closed apartment; they at least need a large yard to be active. The average life expectancy of this breed is 15 years.

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