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Stabyhoun Breed Information

Stayboun was originally developed in Netherlands. This breed was used as gun dogs, and is believed to have been developed around in 1800. They were used to hunt down small animals and also birds. They have good sense of smell and hence were used as tracking dogs. They were also bred as draught dogs. This breed was officially recognized in the year 1942. They have a long and elongated body, and their bod length is greater than that of their height. The coat covering their body is long and also sleek in appearance. They have long hairs covering the upper part of their ears, and the lower part is covered with shorter hairs. They also have hairs on their legs and tail. Their feet are big and also wide. They are athletic and are also good swimmers. They are available in brown, orange and also black colours, which are covered with white patches. They are very gentle and also calm breed. They are very obedient and are also keen to please their owner. They are great choice as guard dogs. They are very friendly dogs and also very good with children, and are very friendly when around them. They love care and affection from their owners. They are also perfect house dogs. They are always very alert and also watchful, and can be trusted as watchdogs. They might get reserved when around strangers and also other pets, in order to avoid this; they should be properly socialized, and also firmly trained. You should be careful not to be harsh with this breed as they are quiet sensitive. They are also good herd dogs. The average height and weight of a healthy Stabyhoun is 49 cm to 54 cm and 18 kg to 27 kg respectively. This breed is not suitable to live in apartments. They at least need a medium sized yard to run around and bur off their energy. Exercise is a must for this breed. If they are not properly exercised, they might get bored and destructive. They should be brushed and combed daily, in order to avoid matting. They are generally healthy breed of dog, and the average life expectancy of this breed is 13 years to 14 years.

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