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Sloughi Breed Information

The origin of Sloughi is unknown, but is believed to have existed in the world from a long time. In many of the significant 13th century literature, this breed has been mentioned. It is considered that, the breed was originally developed in Libya. They were considered as a royal breed, and a prestigious pet, which could be only owned by kings and chiefs. This breed belongs to the family of sight hound. They are strong and also medium in size. They have dropped ears and a melancholy expression on its face. The colour of their coat might vary from cream red and tan, with a black mask covering the face, and also ears. In some cases you can see white patch on their chest. They are very powerful dogs and are also very swift in pace. They have long legs and comparatively smaller body. This breed was mainly used as hunting dogs, to hunt animals like, foxes, hares and also jackals. They were also used as guard dogs to guard houses, and also farms. They are very hygienic, and tend to keep it dry at all times. They are very loving and also caring towards their owner. They are usually aggressive towards strangers, but are affectionate towards friends. They should be trained properly and also socialized from an early stage. They are calm and also gentle when with children, and are also very playful, when among them. They are also non aggressive with other household pets, but they have a natural tendency to hunt small animals like hares and also rats. The average height and weight of a healthy male Sloughi is 67 cm to 69 cm and 26 kg to 32 kg, respectively. The average height and also weight of female Sloughi, is 64 cm to 65 cm, and 16 kg to 23 kg respectively. They are not suitable as apartment pets. They are energetic and active, and hence if confined to a small space, they might turn destructive. They should be taken out for regular walks and also jogs. They have very short coat and are hence easier to handle. They should be brushed and combed regularly, and should be bathed once in every month. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 15 years.

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