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Shikoku-Ken Breed Information

Shikoku-Ken was originally developed Japan. This is a rare breed of dog. This breed was used as hunter dogs, to hunt deer, and also boars. They are one of the purest breed that can be found in earth. In the year 1973 Japan announced Shikoku-Ken, as a National Treasure. The coat covering the body of Shikoku-Ken is double coated. Their ears are erected and tail is long and also curved towards the end. Their feet are highly compact. They are available in red colour, black, and also brownish colour. They are very loyal and also devoted to its master and the family. They are very loving and also attached to the family. They love to be pampered. They can be slightly aggressive towards strangers and also towards other dogs, and this can be avoided with proper socialization from an early stage. They are generally calm and gentle around children. They have natural tendency to hurt smaller pets like squirrels and hamsters. They are quick learners and also very smart. They also has a great sense of smell and are really good trackers. They need a confident, firm but also calm leader to train them. You should be careful to be gentle while you train them as this breed is very sensitive towards harsh training. The average height of a healthy Shikoku-Ken is 46 cm to 54 cm. The average weight of a Shikoku-Ken is 17 kg to 28 kg. They love outdoors better then indoors. They love to spend their time along with their master. They should not be let off the leash, as they may end up chasing smaller animals. They should be taken out for daily walks, or jogs. They are very athletic in nature. They need their daily dose of exercise to keep them mentally as well as physically stable. They only need minimum grooming and should be brushed or combed every day, and they should be once in every month. Their ears should be regularly checked for infection. This breed is generally known as a healthy breed. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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