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Shar-Pei Breed Information

The origin of this breed is still unknown, but history records that this breed existed since the year 206 BC. It is believed to have descended from Chow Chow. They were used as working and farm dogs in the earlier days. They were also used in the purpose of hunting and retriever. They are also well known as herd dogs. . They are very active as well as energetic dogs. They are also used as guarding dogs in houses. They were also used in events such as dog fighting, which is now banned all over the world. This breed was recognized by the American kennel Club in the year 1992. Shar Pei, is also known as Chinese Shar Pei, and is very large in size, and is covered with wrinkles. They have square and flat head. . The have very small triangular shaped ears, which are slightly rounded towards the end. They have very thick tail, which tapper towards the end. Based on the coat covering their skin, this breed is classified into three, brush coat, bear coat and horse coat. The bear coat is very rare and is not recognised by American kennel Club. The horse coat is very rough in texture, and at the same time brush coat is smooth in texture and is also covered with long hairs. This breed is very loyal, and is easy to handle. They are smart calm and also playful. They are fearless and also tend to be dominative in nature. They get easily attached towards the family and are reserved towards strangers. If they are socialized properly from a younger age, they can easily be comfortable with children and also other house hold pets. They are very devoted to its master and also the family. They have an independent way of thinking, and are always very watchful. They should be trained by calm and also a firm owner. They are very hygiene breed and also keep its surroundings clean. If they are not properly trained, they might suffer from, behavioural issues. The average height of a healthy Sher -Pie is 46 cm to 53 cm. And the average weight of this breed is 18 kg to 26 kg. The average life expectancy of this breed is 10 years and more.

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