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Serbian Tricolour Breed Information

As the name indicates Serbian Tricolour is originated from serbia. In 1946 this was strongly refuted and the breed was granted independent status from other scent hounds and a standard was drawn up. The Federation CynologicInternational recognized the breed in 1961. Under the name Yugoslavian Tricolour also known in name such as .Jugoslovenski Trobojn Gonic. Serbian Tricolour is a medium-sized dog with a slightly rounded skull and a muzzle which is shorter than the skull. It has good looking eyes, which are shaped like almond .This breed has some stunning colours like deep red or fox red with a black mantle or saddle. There is also a white star on the head; the end of the tail can be white. The ears are set high and medium in length and are carried in a variety in style which is hanging close to the cheeks. The neck of this breed strong and slightly arched. The Serbian Tricolour is a breed which is very loving in nature with lively and devoted breed that is completely loyal to its master. It can be tamed but itís reserved with strangers. It has multi nature by which it can be adaptive in both in the home and the field where its tenacity in the hunt is greatly admired. This breedís nature is very high energetic and a very strong outgoing type, and they love to be engaged with work, play and they are not suited for full-time indoor or apartment type of living. There are, however some disadvantages in owing this type of dog have, with their extreme strong instinct to hunt and without the adequate amount of exercise or space. They also have an extraordinary sense of smell by which they can sometimes create problems. The Serbian Tricolour has an average life span of 12 years. Some of the common health problems associated with the Serbian Tricolour Hound are affected with hip dysplasia, cancer, muscle strain, hypothyroidism, and cryptorchidism, a failure of one or both of the testicles to fully descend and bloat. The male breed gains a weight of 44 kg to 55 kg and the female breed has a weight of 20 kg to 25 kg and also the height of male varies from 18 inch to 22 inch and in females 17Ĺ inch to 21Ĺ inch.

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