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Serbian Hound Breed Information

Serbian hound was originally developed in Serbia. They were used as hunters, to hunt large animals, like deer, wild boar, and also other small preys like hares. This breed is medium in size and has an elegant body. They have a muscular shoulder and also strong legs. They can easily adapt themselves to hard and also rough terrine. They have a broad and also deep chest. They have a flat head, with pointed muzzle. Their ears are long and also hanging. They are from the family of scent hounds. The coat covering the skin of this breed is usually short and thick, with a smooth and glossy texture. They are available in red and also black colour. The average height of a healthy Siberian hound is 44 cm to 57 cm, and the average weight of this breed 20 kg to 22kg. They are very calm and also obedient in nature. They are affectionate a playful. They are very loyal and devoted towards their owner and also family. They are highly energetic and active. They can be aggressive, when around strangers and also other animals; hence they should be properly trained and also socialized from an early stage itself. If not properly trained, they can get stubborn at times. They need a firm but also cam owner to train them. They are not suitable to live in apartments, as they are loud barkers, and also tends to get destructive when they are confined in smaller space. They require at least a large yard in order to be active and also happy. Basically they are hunting dogs, and needs a lot of exercise, to keep them happy and also. Be careful that you donít get them out of leas, s they tend to chase other animals when you do so. They require only minimum grooming. They should be combed or brushed daily in order to keep their coat soft and also smooth. They should be bathed once in every month. They are usually a healthy breed, and are seldom affected by major health issues. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years.

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