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Scottish Terrier Breed Information

Scottish terrier was originally developed in Scotland, around the year 1700. They were also known as Aberdeen Terrier. They were used as hunters, in order t hunt small animals like hares and also fox. They are small and also sturdy dogs. They have very short legs to accompany its short body. They have long heads and pointed ears. The muzzle is medium in length, and is proportionate to its head. Their nose is slightly tapering, towards the end. Their teeth are set at scissor bite, and in some cases they are also found in level bite. They have thick tails, which are tapering towards the end, and is also covered in short hairs. They have large and round shaped feet. The body of this breed is covered with wiry and hard coat, and also a soft undercoat. They are available in black, brindle and also wheaten colour, with white coloured hair on the chest. They are smart and very watchful in nature. They are charming and also adorable. They are usually playful puppies and mature adults. They are stubborn and also dominating in nature. They are very friendly towards people and are very easy to socialize. They are sensitive, and so require calm and also firm trainer. they enjoy playing games with children, but can challenge them if they are not dominating over him. They are good household pets. The average height of Scottish terrier is 25 cm to 28 cm, and the aveage weight of this breed is 9 kg to 11 kg. They do well in apartments, and can adjust well without a yard. They are comfortable in cool climate, but do not do well in extreme hot climate. They are easy to groom. They require regular brushing or combing. They should be bathed, once in every month, or can also be dry shampooed. They should also be trimmed twice in a year. They shed very less hair. They are very active and hence require their daily walks, and also other exercises, to keep them fit and also healthy. They are prone to cramps, allergies, jaw disorders and also Von Willebrand's diseases. The average life span of this breed is 12 years to 15 years.

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