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Scottish Deerhound Breed Information

Scottish Deerhound, once known as Scotch Greyhound, is closely related to the Greyhound family. This breed was developed around the 16th and 17th century. They were used as hunting dogs, mainly for hunting deer. They were also known as the royal dog of Scotland. They are large in size and also have excellent sense of smell. They were also used as trackers ad also as race dogs. Scottish Deerhounds are very tall and also slim in size. They have large head and the muzzle of this breed tappers on the end reaching the nose. Their teeth sets at level bite. They have high set folded ears, which resembles to that of Greyhound. They are deep chested. They are available in black, blue grey, brindle, grey, yellow, and also in red fawn. They have long and harsh coat, which is wiry in appearance. This breed is very gentle and also calm. They are obedient and also affectionate. They are loving and caring towards children and also enjoy playing with them. They are devoted and loyal towards their master and the family. They are not suitable as watch dogs or guard dogs, because they are too friendly with everyone. They should be properly trained or they can show behavioural disorders. They are friendly towards other dogs, but might get aggressive towards non canine dogs. They seldom bark, and are often silent. The average height and weight of Scottish deerhound is 72 cm to 82 cm, and 35 kg to 52 kg. They require regular grooming. Their coats must be frequently trimmed and also have to be striped sometimes. They can be brought up in an apartment, but it is best that they live in country side. They are highly energetic, and daily exercise is a must. They should be taken out of long walks or jogging. There is a high chance for Scottish deerhounds to bloat. They should be never over feed. Instead of providing them with a large meal, they should be provided with two or three small meals a day. Strict diet should be followed from the initial stage of the dog. The average life expectancy of this breed is less than 10 years.

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