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Scotch Coolie Breed Information

Scotch coolie is also known as Farm coolie, and old farm coolie. This breed was originally developed in Scotland, during the 17th century. In the earlier days, this breed was used in farms, as work dogs, and also as guardian dogs. They were also used herd dogs. Scotch coolies are excellent work dogs and are highly energetic filled with stamina. They are also being use as service dogs, companion dogs and also as watch dogs. In modern days, they are also used as therapy dogs. They are squarely built and are heavy boned. They are available in different colours including, white and tan, pale cream, solid black colour, and also white with brown combination. They can be found in two varieties based on the difference in the texture of their coat. First one the smooth coated Scotch coolie, and the second one, rough coated scotch coolie. They are sweet and also highly protective in nature. They are easy to train and also to handle, as they are very keen to please. They are calm and obedient dogs. They are an excellent choice as a family dog, and also as working dogs. They enjoy the company of children and are calm around them. They are very protective, and defensive, when they are around children. Being heard dog, they have a natural instinct to get aggressive around strangers as well as other animals, this can be avoided if they are socialized with other people and animals from an early stage. The average height and weight of a male Scotch coolie is given as 54 cm to 62 cm, and 22 kg to 33 kg respectively. In case of female Scotch coolie, the average height and weight is 49 cm to 57 cm and 19 kg to28 kg. They should be ether brushed or combed every day, in order to avoid skin infections. Once in a month this breed should be either bath or dry shampooed, as convenient. They can be comfortable in living in an apartment, but they are more suitable in farms. If they are to be brought up in apartments, they should be provided with plenty of exercises. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 16 years.

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