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Schipperke spaniel Dog Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Flanders, and is believed to have descended from Leauvenaar, a sheep dog. Earlier days Schipperke was used as sheep dogs, guard dogs and also as hunter dogs. By the late 1800ís they became popular as house hold dogs. They are very good guard dogs, and are extremely alert and watchful. They were carried around by Belgium fishermen in boats, and were used as watch dogs in the boat. They are fox like in their appearance and are very small in size. They have round skull with a short muzzle. Their teeth form scissor bite. Their ears are erect and are triangular in shape. They have a wide chest. Most of the time this breed is born without a tail, and even if they are born with a tail, it is docked after birth. The coat covering its face is thick as well as short, and when it comes to the body, the coat is of medium length but remains to be thick. The breed is mostly available in dark black colour. They are very energetic as well as swift dogs. They are self-confident and also loyal and devoted towards their owner. This breed enjoys the company of children. They are calm and active around other pets including cats. They are very aggressive around strangers, and this can be prevented by proper socialization initiated from an early age. They are very active, and are sometimes mischievous. They are very good guard dogs and also defenders. They can be very fearless if the owner or the family is threatened. They can be stubborn at times; this can be avoided by providing proper training. They are very protective of their family, especially the children. They can be a good boat companion, if you are fond of fishing. The average height of this dog is 22 cm to 34 cm, and the average weight of schipperke is 5.6 kg to 8.5 kg. They are very suitable to live in an apartment, but their daily exercise should not be neglected. They are very active, and in order to burn down their extra energy, it is essential that they are given proper exercise. Daily walks and jogs are recommended for this breed. They should be brushed or combed every day to keep away from unwanted skin diseases. The average life span of this breed is 15v years and may be more.

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