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Saluki Dog Breed Information

Saluki was originally developed in the eastern part of Turkey, and is considered to be related to Afghan hound. This breed was one of the oldest breed of dog known to the human kind, and was also considered as royal dog. They are very athletic and swift. This breed was also used as desert hunter by Arab hunters. They were also used as racing dogs. The body of this breed is very slim in nature, and has a close resemblance to Grey hounds. They have a long head with tapering ears. The teeth are set as level bite. They long neck, and deep chest. Their feet are hairy, in order to protect them from rough land. They have long tail covered with feathery hairs. They have short coat, covering their body. They are available in white, golden, tan, red and also grizzle colour. This breed is generally very calm as well as gentle. They are friendly and also very loyal towards their owner and also family. Even though they are friendly with the whole family, it is considered that this dog can be highly attached one person in particular. They are very sensitive and hence require a kind, gentle and also firm trainer to train this breed. They are very keen to please their owners, and are also fairly obedient. They can make very good guard dogs. They are not very aggressive in nature, but have a tendency to kill smaller animals; hence they should be properly socialized from an early stage. The average height of this breed is 59 cm to 71 cm and the average weight is 14 kg to 32 kg. They are not good for apartment life, as they need long yards to burn their energy. They should be allowed to sleep indoors at night, as they can get sick in cold conditions. This breed is an athletic and hence need loads of exercise to keep it satisfied and happy. They are easy to groom, and requires daily brushing and combing of coat. The ears of this breed should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. This breed is prone to eye infections and also cancers. The average life expectancy of Saluki is 10 years to 12 years.

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