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Russian Spaniels Breed Information

The youngest breed in the spaniel family, Russian Spaniel, was originally developed in Russia in the year 1951 in order to serve the purpose of hunting. Compared to other spaniels, this breed is relatively small. Even though they are small, this doesn’t mean that they are weak. This breed is very strong and also, and has a very long body; hence it is equal to any other large spaniel, as a gun dog. This breed is usually available in white colour, with black or brown speckles. They are very energetic and good trackers with a great sense of smell. They are very easily trainable and hardworking dogs. Russian spaniels are good hunters as well as family dogs at the same time. They are also as guard dogs, as they are very alert around people. This breed is very loyal to its master and also family. They also mingle with other pets and animals and are not aggressive around them. Russian spaniels are easy to handle and are also very friendly towards children, which makes it a suitable house pet, and companion dog. This breed is usually very calm and also confident. Proper training is very essential for them for mental as well as physical stability. The average height of a healthy Russian spaniel is, 39cm to 46cm, and the average weight of this breed is 14 to 17kg. These dogs usually have eating disorders; therefore strict diet should be maintained for them. They can be brought up in an apartment easily, if it is provided with adequate exercise. They are active in outdoors as well as indoors. They are small in size, and are hence apt for apartment life. They have fringy ears and therefore need extra care. In order to keep the clean, they should be bathed 2 times a week. They do not require any other special grooming. They need regular exercise, and should be taken out for long walks, in order to spend their energy. This breeds are often prone to food allergies, hence their diet should be specially taken care of. They are not known to be prone to any other diseases. The life span of an average healthy Russian Spaniel is 14 years.

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