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Rottweiler Breed Information

A descendent from the family of Italian Mastiff, Rottweiler, is believed to have developed in German. It was bred to serve the purpose guard dog and messenger. They are great trackers, and excellent watch dog. They seem to be very obedient, and have a natural tendency to compete. This breed is usually muscular, strong and very powerful. They have a broad head and a round shaped forehead. They have well developed muzzle, and their teeth have scissor bite. Their nose are wide, which indicates that they ae good trackers. Their ears are of triangular shape. They have deep and broad chest. The coat covering its body is short, but very thick and hard. They are usually available in black with dark brown markings. This breed is very powerful, but at the same time they are calm. They are courageous and very loyal to its owner and its family. They are also very protective of their family and owner. They can be easily trained, but is not a good choice for inexperienced owner. They are naturally guard dogs, and are very good at guarding. Rottweiler is very trust worthy, and reliable. It should be properly trained from its puppy stage itself, and along with it should be socialized also. They are not made for enclosed apartment; they require open space to run around. They will behave pleasantly with other pets and people if they are properly socialized. They are normally calm in front of strangers, and attacks only if necessary. They should be provided with regular exercise like walking and jogging. Swimming is also recommended. They have very smooth coat which I very easy to be handled and groomed. Regular brushing is recommended on this breed, this will help the coat remain glossy. Baths are only suggested if necessary once in every week. The average height and weight of a male Rottweiler is 63-69 cm and 96-129 pounds respectively. In case of females the average height and weight is 58-62 cm and 86 to 116 pounds respectively. The major health problems affecting this breed are, hip dysplasia and entropion. The average life span of a healthy Rottweiler dog is 10-12 years.

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