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Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed Information

Rhodesian ridgeback is a South African dog breed, and they are semi domestically hunting dogs. Rhodesian ridgeback is also known as African Lion Hound and African Lion Dog, on the basis of its ability to even hunt down a lion. Rhodesians are lean but masculine. The most distinguish feature regarding its appearance is the long hair running along its back. Their ears are slightly erect as well as loose hung. The height of a healthy male Rhodesian should be 65-59 cm, and it weight should be 39 kg. And in the case of a female Rhodesian, its height would be varying from 62cm to 66 cm, and its weight would be about 32 kg. The body is covered with a short coat, of either light whiten colour of red whiten colour. The coat has a glossy appearance to it. Their nose is either black or liver brown in colour, depending of the colour of the coat. Their tail is strong as well as smooth, with a slight curve towards the end. These dogs are very loyal and highly intelligent, and are seldom aggressive around strangers, they usually ignore a strangers rather than challenging them. His breed should be properly trained and also socialized, if not they can be violent around people. They are not a good choice for inexperienced owners. They are strong wiled but loving and stubborn at the same time. They are very protective of their family and owner. They can be excellent guard dogs, if they are given proper training. Apart from being very strong and stuff, they are also very sensitive. The major health conditions affecting this breed are dermoid sinus; a skin condition, and hip dysplasia. In order to avoid skin diseases, the puppies should be screened thoroughly by a veteran, and also in the adult stage, it should be taken care that they are regularly brushed and washed once in every week. Another one of the health condition found in this breed is Degenerative Myelopathy, a neurological condition, which will eventually lead to paralysis of lower limbs. The average life span of a healthy Rhodesian ridgeback is 10-0.5 years.

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