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Rat Terrier Breed Information

Rat Terrier, a rare breed American Dog, is considered as a good hunting companion, as well as an excellent family dog. These dos were mainly bred for hunting rats, and small animals like squirrels. They are well known for their speed. This breed is available in different varieties of colour, varying from shades of chocolate, tan and tricolour black to apricot and lemon. Rat Terriers have smooth arrangements of muscles, with fine bones and clear head. They have short and single coats, free of curly furs. This breed was initially used as farm dogs to kill vermin destructing the yield of farms. Later the over use of pesticides and other chemicals in the farm, declined the breed. This breed has erect ears, contributing to its alert and intelligent expression. The tail of this breed is fairly long, but is docked after birth. Their weight varies from, 15 to 30 pounds, and their height may vary from 24 inches to 19 inches. This breed is often mistaken with Jack Russell Terrier; even so their profile and temperament are entirely different from each other. Rat Terriers are usually intelligent and stubborn dogs. They are great family pets, as they easily bonds with the kids and other members of the family. They are not very aggressive kind of dogs, and are comfortable in both out doors and in doors. They are very playful, calm and also sensitive. They have mood swings depending on the behaviour of their owner, the surrounding noise, and individuals. They are very keen to please, hence easier to train and manage. Proper exercise and mental stimulations should be given to this breed to make it healthier and disciplined. Rat terriers are very loyal and protective to its owners. As being a rare breed, Rat Terriers are prone to many health conditions. The major diseases affecting this breed are, cardiac based abnormalities, legg calve perthes syndrome; a hip disorder, which is usually seen in puppy stage. This breed is also prone to patellar luxation; displacement of kneecap, and hip dysplasia. The average lifespan of Rat terriers is 20-25 years.

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