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Rajapalayam Breed Information

The Rajapalayam breed is a member of sighthound family, and is originally from Rajapalayam region, which is located in Tamil Nadu. This breed has smooth hair, which is rare in sighthound family. This breed was usually used by the Maharajas in older days, to fight off jackals, leopards, lions and tigers. This breed possess courage, high speed and also great endurance. The total height of Rajapalayam is about 36 inches, and has rather muscular and broad body. Their jaws are strongly built with scissor bit, which makes their bite extremely powerful and the body weight is about 30 kg. There are wider and broader than other greyhounds. They have Roman nose and also pendant styled ears, which are unique compared to other greyhounds. They also have large feet, hence are also called hare-feet, they also have highly flexible toes, which are slightly bent backwards. This characteristics give them cat like balance. Their colours varies from, parti, mouse grey, grizzle, and most rarely black. Rajapalayam is very friendly to other dogs and is also keen to receive human companionship. Even though the gestures of these dogs will seem a bit lazy, they will jump about in the time of necessity, which makes it a good guard dog. Even though it is said that, this type of dog is only one master type, it is also very protective of the whole family. Usually Rajapalayam are very sensitive and also extremely loyal. They also require, regular exercise to maintain its strength and also body mass. They also not keen about confided spaces, and hence require large space to wander around. This breed is healthy, with long life span. All of their diseases are similar with that of ordinary greyhounds. This breed is prone to diseases like, gastric imperfections, osteosarcoma, and also oesophageal achalasia. If soft bedding is not provided, it might be affected with skin sores. They should be provide with food containing high contents of Vitamin A. the average life span of a Rampur Greyhound is fifteen years, but there are chances for this breed to survive longer.

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