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Puli Breed Information

The Puli, is an ancient breed and has been used as sheep dogs from the earlier days. They were used as herd dogs and also as droving dogs. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1936. The breed became almost extinct during the period of Second World War, but later it survived, with the help of initiated programmes based on this breed. This breed belongs to the herding type of dogs. This breed is medium in size, and also compact. This dog is square in appearance. This breed is fine boned and has a muscular body. They have medium sized ears. They are available in gray, apricot, and also in black colour. The average height of a healthy Puli is 41 cm and 46 cm. The average height of female dogs is 36 cm to 41 cm. the average weight of this breed is 11 g to 16 kg, and the average weight of female breed is 9 kg to 14 kg. This breed is highly energetic and also active dogs. This breed is very loving caring and also affectionate towards its master and also the family. They are protective of their master and the family. They are usually very friendly towards the kids, but can accidently hurt them, without any intention of doing it. They love the attention and also the care, they receive from their master and the family. They love to stay closer to the family than being away from them. They might show signs of stubbornness, which should be avoided with proper training. They should be trained by calm and also strong trainer. This breed might not be perfect for t training as they are very sensitive in nature. This breed can get shy around strangers, which should be avoided with proper socializing from an early age. This breed is basically a working dog and hence they are very energetic. They are very suitable in rural areas, where they have lot of space to run around and spent their energy. They are very easy to groom. They should be brushed every day. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years and more.

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