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Pudelpointer Breed Information

Pudelpointers were developed originally in Germany, and they were used as hunting dogs. This breed was developed from, English pointer and also German hunting poodle. This breed was also used as watch dogs and also as working dogs. Pudelpointers are medium in size. They are powerfully built and also muscular in appearance. They have a wedge shaped head and their skull is flat. Their muzzle is short and they have wide nostrils, which gives them excellent sense of smell. Their muzzle is surrounded with long hairs forming a moustache. The breed has strong jaw, and their teeth are either meet in scissor bite, or in some cases they also form level bite. Their ears are high set and are long and flat. Their ears are low hanging, forming a pendant shape. The have long as well as strong legs. Their tail is usually docked right after their birth. The coat covering the body of this breed is short and also smooth. They are either covered with featherings or else are sleek in appearance. They are mainly seen in chocolate colour. Pudelpointers are not only an excellent hunting breed, but are also good companion dogs. They are sweet and cheerful breed. They are usually calm and also gentle in their nature. They are playful and happy all the time. They are very attached to their master and the family. They are good companions for children but should never be left alone with kids, as this breed might accidently hurt them. They love to spend their time with the family, rather than being alone. They are loud barkers and alert their master with their barks. They might act aggressively when around strangers and also other unfamiliar animals which should be avoided with proper socializing classes. They should also be trained well to make them a perfect house hold companion. They are neither good for apartment life nor for urban life. They are more comfortable in country side. This breed is basically a hunter and hence need lots of exercise. Pudelpointers should be taken out for daily walks and also occasional hunting games in the woods. This breed only requires very less grooming. Pudelpointers are prone to hip dysplasia and also mast cell tumours. The average life span of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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