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Portuguese Pointer Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Portuguese, and is considered as one of the ancient breeds. This breed was mainly used by hunters to hunt down birds. This breed is still used as hunters, an also as family companions. They are medium in size, and are also powerfully built. They are muscular in appearance. They have a wedge shaped head with a medium length muzzle. The ears of this breed are long, flat and also low hung. They have wide nostrils and hence have a great sense of smell. Their teeth are set in scissor bite and they have a powerful jaw. Their feet are small, round and also at like, which makes them swift. They have hard padded paws, which helps them to adjust in rough terrines. The coat covering the body of the breed is short and also very smooth in texture. They are available in combination of many colours varying from brindle, fawn and also white colour. This breed is very friendly and also cramming. They are sweet natured and gentle. They are very loving and also affectionate towards their family and also master. This breed is very devoted and also loyal towards their master and also family. This breed can make perfect companion dogs. They are great with children and love to play along with them. They are very loud barkers and often alert their master with their barks. They can be aggressive towards intruders and also other animals; this can be avoided with proper socialization. They should be properly trained so that they do not develop any kind of behavioural disorders. The average height of a healthy Portuguese pointer is 40 cm to 56 cm and the average weight of this breed is 14 kg to 26 kg. This breed is not suitable in apartments, as they are very loud barkers and can become a nuisance if confined in a small space. They need only very little grooming. They should be brushed and also combed daily. They are generally very healthy breed. The average life span of a healthy Portuguese pointer is 12 years to 14 years.

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