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Poodle Breed Information

According to the American Kennel Club, Poodle was originally developed in Germany, even though France also claims for the title. They were initially used as gun dogs and also as retrievers. There are two types of Poodle available today toy poodle and also miniature poodle. They are good watch dogs, retrievers, and also companions.This size of this breed varies from large to medium. They have a round head, and a long muzzle. Their ears are either flat or long, but are always hanging low. They have high set tail, which is docked by about half, after their birth. The feet of the breed are large and also oval in shape. The coat covering the body of this breed is usually curled. They are available in almost all the colours. This breed is cheerful and also happy most of the time. They are calm and gentle in nature. They are very smart and also intelligent. They are very keen to please their master. They should be properly trained or else they might tend to show behavioural disorders. They should be trained by a confident and also calm trainer. They are very sensitive to harsh treatment. This breed is loving and also affectionate towards their family and also master. They are very keen to please their master. They love to spend their tie along with the family than being alone. They are also friendly and calm towards the children and can be an excellent companion for them. They might act aggressively around other animals and also strangers; this should be avoided with proper socializing lessons. They are usually gentle around other household pets and but they should be kept away from smaller animals like rabbits and hares. The average height and weight for a healthy male Poodle is 38 cm to 52 cm, and 20 kg to 32 kg. In case of female dogs, the average height and weight are, 36 cm to 50 cm and 20 kg to 27 kg. This breed is perfect for apartments, as long as they are properly exercised. They require regular grooming sessions, and should be combed every day. This breed is prone to health conditions like cataracts and skin allergies. The average life expectancy of a healthy poodle is 12 years to 15 years, and in some cases more.

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