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Pomeranian Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Pomerania, a shore of Baltic Sea. This famous little breed was mainly used as show dogs and also personal companions. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in the year 1888. This breed is small in size, but is well built a powerful. They have a wedge shaped head, and a very small face. This breed has a short muzzle, which tappers towards the end. Their eras are small and erect. It forms the shape of small triangles. Their whole body and face is covered with long hairs. Their teeth form scissor bite and they have a strong jaw. They are short legged, but are swift. They have cat like round and small paws. They have a very short tail, which is also covered with long hairs. The coat covering the body of this breed is thick and also long. They are rough or broken in texture. The average height of a healthy Pomeranian, is 15 cm to 31 cm and the average weight of this breed is 2 kg to 4 kg. This breed is very smart and also active. They are highly intelligent and also very fearless. This breed easily gets attached to the family. They are loud barkers. This breed is very keen to please its master and hence they are very easy to handle. They are very affectionate and loving towards their master. They are also great with children. They might get aggressive towards strangers and also other unfamiliar animals. Hence they should be properly socialized to avoid these situations. They tend to challenge dogs bigger than them and often get into fights. There is also chance s that this breed can develop small dog syndrome. They might get over protective, jealous and also stubborn, and this should be avoided with proper and calm training. This breed is perfect for apartment life, but make sure that you provide youíre Pomeranian with proper exercise. Donít judge this breed based on its size, they are very active and hence apt dose of exercise to keep them physically and also mentally stable. This breed is prone to health conditions like epilepsy, eye and skin infections, and also patellar luxation. Their long coat should be combed and well maintained and for this regular grooming sessions are required. The average life span of this breed is 15 years.

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