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Polish Hunting dog Breed Information

Polish hunting dogs, also known as Gonczy Polisky, was originally developed in Poland, and is the member of the Polish scent hound family. This breed was generally used as hunters and also as working dogs. This breed was also used as tracking dogs, to track down the games. They were one among the favourite hunting companion of all time. This breed is medium in size, with a long and also slender body. They are powerful and also well built. They have a small and also a wedge shaped head. Their ears are small and low hanging. The muzzle of this breed is short. They have wide nostrils, which contributes towards the excellent sense of smell of this breed. They have strong jaw, with teeth that form scissor bite. The coat covering the body of the breed is short, and also smooth in appearance. The feet of this breed is strongly padded to adjust in rough terrines. This breed is available in black and tan combinations. This breed is very friendly, gentle and also calm in nature. This breed is extremely affectionate and also loving in nature. They are very devoted and also loyal to their master. They are fearless and protective of the family and master. They can be dominating and stubborn f they are not properly trained. They should be trained by a strong and also firm trainer. This breed is can be aggressive towards strangers and also unfamiliar animals. In order to avoid these situations, this breed should be properly socialized from an early age. They are great with kids, and loves playing with them. This breed is very energetic and also active. They are usually calm around other house hold pts, but should be kept away from small animals like rabbits and hare. The average height and weight of a healthy male Polish hunting dog is 56 cm to 62 cm and 22 kg to 27 kg respectively. In case of female dogs in this breed the average height and weight are 50 cm to 55 cm,, and 20 kg to 25 kg respectively. This breed is not suitable to live in apartments, as they are very energetic and will be had to be confined in a small space. The average life span of this breed is 15 years to 16 years.

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