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Pekingese Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Beijing, which was earlier known as city of Peking. The natives in the place, considered this breed as sacred, and also that they had the power to scare away evil spirits. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year, 1909. This breed is very compact and also small in size. They were muscular in appearance. Their head was massive in size, with a broad muzzle. Their teeth are set in under bite. Their ears were set in the top part of their head, and are in the shape of heart. The face and the body of this breed, is covered with featherings. They have an arched tail, and their body is covered with long coat, which is rough in texture, and their under coat is soft and smooth. Despite their size, this breed is brave and also very fearless. They are independent minded, and are smart. They are loving and also affectionate towards their family and master. They can be hard to train sometimes, as they have a mind of their own. They should be trained by affirm and also calm trainers, as this breed does not respond positively towards harsh treatments. This breed can be aggressive towards strangers and also unfamiliar animals, and hence to avoid this, they should be socialized properly from an early stage. They are friendly towards children, but are not to be trusted with them. They can be aggressive towards kids, if they are hurt, even though it is unintentional. The average height of a healthy Pekingese, is 31 cm to 46 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 4 kg to 5 kg. This breed is perfect for apartment, as long as you give them adequate exercise. Even though this breed is small in size, they are very energetic and also active; hence they require proper exercise for mental and also physical stability. They should be taken out for walks every day. They are very healthy breed, and the average life span of a healthy Pekingese is 10 years to 15 years.

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