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Parson Russell Terrier Breed Information

Parson Russell terrier was first developed in United States of America, around in the 1800, and was mainly used as hunting dogs. Later they were also used as working dogs. They are now used as trackers and also as watch dogs. They have a small but also a strong head. Their muzzle is short and also broad. They have small folded, V shaped ears. Their teeth are set in scissor bite, and their chest is narrow. They have high set tail, which is usually docked after their birth. They have cat like feet, which makes them swift. The body of this breed is covered with a double coat which is harsh and also rough in texture. They are available in white and black, white and tan combination. They are very loving and also affectionate in nature. They are loyal and devoted towards their master and also family. They love the attention and also care given to them. This breed is usually friendly and also playful towards children, but the children should be careful not to hurt this breed. They are independent minded and also determined. They should be properly trained by a firm, and also strong minded leader. They are best in the hands of an experienced trainer. They are aggressive towards other dogs and also strangers, and often indulge in dog fights; this should be avoided by proper socialization from an early age. They are barkers and love to bark. They might get protective and also dominant at times. The average height of this breed is 31 c to 36 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 6 kg to 8 kg. They are perfect for apartments. But the owners should make sure that they are properly exercised. They should be taken out daily for exercise. They are very easy to groom. They need to be brushed and also combed daily. Their ears should be checked daily for any signs of infections. This breed is prone to health conditions like eye infections, leg perthes, and deafness. The average life expectancy of Parson Russell Terrier is 15 years.

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