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Newfoundland Breed Information

This massive breed was originally developed in Newfoundland, and was used as working dogs by the fishermen in the area. As they are great swimmers, they are also used as rescue dog in Newfoundland. This breed have water resistant coat and also webbed feet, which assists their swimming skills. They are large and also very muscular in appearance. The coat covering the body of this breed is very thick, to protect it from the ice cold water. The body is covered with long and also thick hairs, to protect them from the cold air. They are available in different colour ranges, varying from, grey, black, brown and also white. The average height and weight of a healthy Newfoundland is 56 cm to 77 cm, and 60 kg to 70 kg respectively. In case of female Newfoundlands, the average height and weight is 54 cm to 68 cm and 54 kg to 68 kg. This breed is calm and also gentle in nature. They are loyal and also devoted to their master. They are sweet and affectionate towards all. They are excellent with children, and they loves to play around with them. But parents should be careful not to leave the kids alone with this breed, as they may accidently knock down the kids. They are usually calm and also friendly with other animals and also strangers. They should be properly trained, or else they may create troubles for their owner. They are not suitable to live in apartments, and they are most comfortable in cold climate. Extreme hot climate can cause trouble to them. They should be taken out for daily exercises and also swim. Exercise is very important for this breed in order to make them mentally and also physically stable. Grooming is an essential part of this breed. They are seasonal shedders, and hence they should be regularly combed and also brushed. This breed is prone to many health conditions like, cystinuria, elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. They are also affected by heart defects. The average life span of a healthy of Newfoundland is 8 years to 10 years.

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