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Neapolitan Mastiff Breed Information

This breed was developed in Rome, to be used in wars, and also fighting games in the arena. Now, this breed is used as guard dogs. They are also used in police forces, as police dogs. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 2004. This breed is very powerful and strongly built. They are large in size, with abundant wrinkles and folds covering their body. Their head is large, flat and also wide. Their muzzle is broad as well as long. Their teeth are set in scissor bite. Their tail is straight, with a slight curve towards the end. Their ears are usually cropped right after their birth. They have large as well as round feet, with ached toes. The coat covering the skin of this breed is short and also dense, and they are available in different colour combinations like, black, grey, chocolate, tawny, bridle and also blue. This breed is very loving and also affectionate. They are peaceful and also calm in nature. They become easily attached to the family. They are very keen to please their master and are hence very easy to train and handle. They are not frequent barkers but are very loud when they bark. They are smart and also intelligent. They are very protective and loyal towards their family. They are fearless and also brave. They tend to become reserved when around strangers. Make sure that you properly socialize your mastiff, from an early stage. They are calm and gentle around other household pets. They should be trained by a firm and also confident leader, and they are not suitable for in experienced owners. They are very watchful and alert all the times, hence they are great watch dogs and guard dogs. The average height and weight of a heathy male Neapolitan mastiff is 65 cm to 76 cm, and 75 kg respectively. In case of female Neapolitan mastiffs the average height and weight is 60 cm to 69 cm and 72-73 kg respectively. They are perfect choice as an apartment dog, provided that they are given sufficient exercise. They are very energetic and hence exercise is very important for them. They should be taken out daily for long walks. The major health conditions affecting this breed are bloat, cherry eye, and also hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of Neapolitan mastiffs is 10 years.

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