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Mioritic Breed Information

This breed was originally developed in Romania, in the mountains Carpathian. This breed is well known for its appearance and also utility. They were used as herd dogs, by the people living in the mountains. They are very large in size. Their whole body is covered with fluffy hairs. They have a huge head. Their muzzle is slightly tapering towards the end. Their teeth form scissor bite. They have triangular shaped low hung ears. They have a massive and muscular neck. They are broad chested. Their feet are very compact. They have high set tail, which is slightly curved towards the end. The coat covering the body of this breed is long, and also wavy in appearance. They are available only in grey and white colour. In some cases, the ears and also the tail of Mioritic are found cropped. They are watchful and also very alert. They become easily attached towards their owners and also the family. They are very brave and also smart. They are very protective, and also loyal towards their master. At certain times, this breed tends to get very dominant. They become fearless when they are being attacked. They are also good guard dogs. They should be trained by firm confident and also calm leader. They are very friendly and playful towards children. They are, usually shy around strangers. This should be avoided by proper training and also socializing. The average height of a healthy male Mioritic, is 70 cm to 75 cm, and in case female 66 cm to 71 cm. the weight of this breed is always proportional to their height. They are not suitable to live in apartments. If this breed is confined to a smaller area, they tend to get aggressive and also destructive. They are very energetic and also active, and hence they should be provided proper exercise. Exercise is very much important for them as it provides them physical and mental stimulation. This breed only requires minimum grooming. They should be combed, and brushed regularly. This breed is generally very healthy. The average life expectancy of this breed, is 12 years to 14 years.

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