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Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Information

Miniature Australian Shepherd was originally developed in the year 1968. They were bred smaller in size. They are miniature mirror images of the Australian Shepherd. They are registered in American Kennel Club as American Shepherd. Their body is covered with a long coat, and they are available red merle, blue merle, black, white and tan combinations. The texture of the coat is wavy, and they also have slight featherings around their legs and neck. Their skull is flat, and they have compact feet. This breed is usually very fun loving and easy to handle. They are playful and also very calm when around children. They are very devoted towards their guardian and also the family. They are smart and intelligent. They are keen to please the master and are hence easy to train. They are very energetic and active. They can get bored easily and if so they can get destructive. They are basically working dogs. They can get aggressive or reserve around strangers and this should be avoided by socializing them properly. They love to work, and seldom sit idle. They should be trained by strong and also confident leader. They need regular exercises to keep them mentally, and physically stable. Or else they can be very destructive. They are very hard working. They are good family dogs. They are very much attached to their family. They always tend to say close to the family. They should never be kept out of the house. They tend to get disorders in behaviours, and this should be avoided, by firm and calm training. The average height and weight of this breed is 34 cm to 47 cm and 6 kg to 17 kg respectively. They should be taken out for daily long walks, and joggings. This breed is prone to deafness and also blindness. They are also affected by health problems like hip dysplasia and also other eye infections. They are also affected by PPM and PRA. When you purchase a puppy be careful that you get health clearance. The average life expectancy of this breed is 12 years to 13 years.

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