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Manchester Terrier Breed Information

The oldest known breed among the terrier, Manchester terrier, was originally developed in the nineteenth century in England, and was used in at hunting. They are also known as rat terrier, and they are considered as best rat hunters. Manchester terrier can be found in two types Toy and also Standard. Toy terriers are smaller in size, and standard terriers are comparatively larger. The standard terriers are used as companion dogs. They are believed to have developed from Airedale terrier and Doberman Pinscher. This breed has a smooth body, and is muscular in appearance. They have long head, with v shaped ears. In case of toy terriers their ears are erect. I standard terriers, their ears are cropped after birth. Their teeth form scissor bite and sometimes level bite. They have thick tail which tapers towards the end. The coat covering their body is short and very smooth in texture. They come in black and tan combination. They are very powerful and also intelligent breed. They have independent mind, and are every loyal towards their master. They are always very watchful, and loyal towards their master and also family. They are very keen to please their owners, and are very easy to train. They are very obedient in nature, and they need a firm and calm owner to lead them. The owner should be careful not to leave this dog alone, as they tend to get destructive when they are left behind. They are very friendly towards human and make a great companion dog. They should be properly socialized from an early stage in order to avoid disorders in behaviour. They tend to become very protective of their master and also family. The average weight and height of a toy Manchester terrier is 25 cm to 32 cm and 2.6 kg to 3.7 kg respectively. The average weight and height of a standard Manchester terrier is 39 cm to 40 cm and 7.8 kg respectively. They are suitable pets for an apartment, but you should make sure that, they get sufficient exercises. They prefer to live in warm places; hence they should not be kept in a kennel outside the house. They are energetic and very active, and hence require their daily dosage of exercise. They should be taken out for daily walks and also jogs. The average life span of this breed is 15 years.

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