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Leonberger Breed Information

Leonberger was established in 1846 in Leonberg, Germany. Leonbergers have been owned by many royal families including Napoleon II of France, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the Prince of Wales, Emperor Napoleon II, Bismarck and Italian King Umberto. The first Leonberger was imported to the United States in 1971.This breed was successful in guarding livestock, search and rescue, obedience, water rescue, tracking and as a family companion. This is a very large, muscular working dog. The skull is somewhat domed shaped, they have black mask above or near to the eyes. These breeds have large nose with clear nostrils. Their ears are in triangular shape. Leonberger comes in lion-yellow, golden to red, red-brown, sand, cream, pale yellow colours. Their body consists of variety of stripes and small hairs. The interesting fact about this breed is that thick mane creating a lion-like look. The mane in males can take up to 4 years to develop. Leonberger is mainly a family dog, it well socialized and trained, it has good intelligence and has stable mind and clam nature regarding its training and taming, owners should be calm and must have pleasing nature with the dog, and the better way to train is to start the training at the stage of puppy. One of the best qualities of this breed is more active and coordinated than many other giant breeds. The height of male varies from 29 inch to 31 inch .and it has weight of 59 kg to 77 kg and in the case of female the height varies from 27 inch to 29 inch and has weight of 45 kg to 59 kg. The Leonberger is a seasonally heavy shedder; during this time the dog should be brushed.

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