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Lancashire Heeler Breed Information

Lancashire Heeler is a modern version of Lancashire Heeler, which was used before many centuries to control the cattle as cattle herder. After the days of cattle rearing came to an end, this breed of dog came to extinct, but the later this breed was recreated to the breed that we see today. This breed has very short legs when compared to the rest of its body. Their ears are wide in shape, and always stay erect. They slightly turned on paw, which is proportionate to their short legs. The back legs are muscular in appearance. They are deep chested and also have a firm abdomen. They also have a high set tail. The coat covering their body can be either long or short, depending on the season. During summer time the coat is smooth and also glossy, and during winter time the coat becomes plush in nature. They are very watchful and also calm in their nature, but tend to be aggressive near unfamiliar people. They were also used as hunters to catch rat and also rabbits. They are good choice as a companion dog, and are calm and playful when they are around children. They might be difficult to train for experience dog trainers. They are confident and also independent in thinking. They should be trained by a calm, confident and also firm owner. The average height of a healthy Lancashire Heeler is 25 cm to 32 cm, and the average weight of this breed is 3 kg to 7 kg. They are suitable to live in an apartment, but make sure that, they are properly exercised. They are highly energetic, and if they are bored they can get very destructive. They should be taken out for long walks and also jogs. They only require minimum grooming. They should be daily brushed or combed to remove the dirt in their coat. They should be washed every once in a month. This breed is generally very healthy in nature, but is sometimes prone to skin infections. The average life span of this breed is 12 years to 13 years.

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