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Labrador Retriever Breed Information

One among the most popular breeds in the world, Labrador retriever, was also known as St. Jhon'sDog. This breed was originally developed in Newfoundland. This breed was initially used by fishermen living in the area. These dogs were known as excellent swimmers then. Later these dogs were also used as hunters, and also as family companions. They are well known for their talents as a watch dog, guard dog and also as a retriever. Mainly Labradors can be finding in two types, English Labradors and also American Labradors. The American variety was bred from the English Labradors. The English ones are more thick and heavy when compared to the American Labradors. The American breed is mostly tall and comparatively skinny. The body of this breed is double coated, and they are smooth in texture. They are available in black, white cream, chocolate, and grey colours. Their teeth are set in scissor bite, and they have wide muzzle. Their head is broad, and neck is wide, but proportionate to the body. They have thick tail, which is slightly tapered towards the end. They have medium sized hanging ears. Their feet are webbed, which helps them to swim. They very loving as well as affectionate in their nature. They are good choice as a family dog, as they are very compassionate toward their owner as well as the family. They are smart, and very keen to please, which makes the easy to train. They are the most frequently used service work dog. They are very playful, and are very fond of swimming. They are calm and playful when with children and are also friendly with other animals. They easily gets attached to family and loves spending time with them. If not properly trained and socialized, they tend to become destructive and also aggressive. The average height and weight in a healthy male Labrador is 56 cm to 62 cm and 28 kg to 34 kg respectively, in case of female dogs, the average height and weight are 53 cm to 59 cm and 25 kg to 33 kg. The major health conditions affecting this breed are hip dysplasia, eye disorders and also mast cell tumours. The average life span of this breed is 10 years to 12 years.

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