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Kyi Leo Breed Information

Kyi Leo, was originally developed in San Francisco in USA, in the year 1950. This breed was bred from Maltese and Lhasa Apso. This reed is small in size, but is of solid, as thy have good muscle tone. They are very swift dogs. Their teeth set in scissor bite. They have long and strong forelegs. They have thick and also long coat covering their body, which can be found either straight, or slightly wavy. They are mostly available in black and white colour. The head of this dog is covered with long and smooth hair, almost covering its face. They are very quick, and are known for their swiftness. They are very watchful, gentle and also lively. They immediately gets attached to the family. They should be gently handled as the can be very sensitive in nature. But at the same time you should also be firm towards them, or else they can become stubborn. They are very energetic and can make good watch dogs. They are very keen to please their owners. They can be shy around strangers, and in order to avoid that, they should be properly socialized from an early age. The average height of a healthy Kyi Leo is 8 inches to 12 inches, and the average weight in this breed is 9 pounds to 15 pounds. They are suitable to be brought up in an apartment. But they should be taken out for walks, and also for occasional off the leash plays. If they are not provided with exercise, they can get very destructive in nature and eventually will become very lazy and also bad behaved. They should be combed and brushed every day in order to avoid matting of their long hair. They should be slightly trimmed once in a while, but clipping is not recommended. They should be bathed once in every month. The major health conditions affecting this breed are slipped patella. This is a joint disorder, and in order to reveal the breed should undergo a surgery. The average life expectancy in a healthy Kyi Leo is 12 years to 14 years.

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