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Kuvasz Breed Information

Kuvasz, originated in Tibet, but was developed in Hungary. In the earlier days, this breed was used as hunters and also flock guardians. They were used to hunt large games like bears and wild boars. They are fearless and bold in nature. They have black nose with large nostrils, and are excellent trackers. Their ears are thick and lips are black. They have set back ears, which are V in shape and are rounded at the tip. They have well-padded and strong feet. The coat covering their long bod is double coated and medium in length. They have highly pigmented skin, and are available only in white and ivory colours. The outer coat is either straight or wavy, and the undercoat is very thick. This breed is a great choice as family dogs, and is very intelligent in nature. Their trainer should be confident and also firm. They are very protective regarding their owner and also family. They are very large in size, and are also good guard dogs. Once they adjust with the family, they will begin to get highly attached with them. They are very fearless when the family or owner is threatened. They are very adamant about their space and territory. They work independently; hence they are a bit hard to train. They are not the right choice of dog for an inexperienced dog owner. They can only be controlled by firm confident, gentle and experienced owners. The average height and weight for male dogs are 72 cm to 78 cm and 46 kgto 53 kg respectively. The average height and weight of female Kuvasz are 66 cm to 72 cm and 33 kg to 42 kg respectively. The coat Kuvasz should be brushed daily and should not be bathed unless it is very much necessary. They are not suitable to be brought up in an apartment. They are every energetic and active dogs and so they may get destructive if they are confined in a small space. The major health condition affecting this breed is hip dysplasia. They are also prone to skin allergies, osteo chondritisdissecans, ostodystrophy, and also allergic reactions. The average life expectancy of a healthy Kuvasz is about 10 years to 12 years.

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