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Korean mastiff Breed Information

The breed Korean mastiff, also known as Korean Dosamastiff, was originally developed in South Korea. They have short and silky coat. They are available in varieties of colour including red, chocolate and mahogany. This breed is very good natured and loyal. They are very easy to handle and are also very intelligent. They love to hang around with the family members and always stay close to them. They should also be provided with daily dose of exercise to keep them happy. They tend to follow around their favourite person. They are usually reserved around strangers; this can be avoided with proper socialization. They are no threat to children but they might accidently step on them or push them down. They need firm and a calm trainer in order to train them properly. The average height and weight of a male Korean mastiff is 65 cm to 75 cm and 73 kg to 84 kg respectively. In the case of females, the average height and weight is 59 cm to 69 cm and 66 kg to 75 kg respectively. Hey can live both in a city and also in a country side area. They are light shedders hence no special grooming is required for them. They should be brushed or combed, every day. They should be bathed once in every week. They can easily get lazy, and are of moderate energy. You should make sure that your Korean mastiff puppy is not vigorously exercises, as they might get hurt. They should be taken out for daily walks and also jogs. The major health conditions affecting this breed are Cherry eye. In this case the infection should be removed from the eyes of the dog. Make sure that you do not over feed your Korean mastiff, as they tend to became very large in size. A strict diet should be followed for this breed. They should be fed only two or three times per day, not more than that. They are also prone to many genetically eye diseases, for example, entropia. They can also be easily affected by hip dysplasia. The average life expectancy of this breed is 7 years to 12 years.

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