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Koolie Breed Information

The Koolie, also known as Australian Koolie, was first developed in Australia. They were used a working dogs, in around 1880s. They were also used as hunting dogs, and also as herd dogs to control cattle. Once this breed could found with one or may be two blue eyes, which later indicated either blindness or deafness in this breed. Now the number of blue eyed Koolies have considerably decline. Now they are found either black eyed or brown eyed. The coat covering their body can be found single coated and also double coated in some cases. Their coats are short and smooth, or can also be rough. They are available in chocolate, red, black, white and red combination, black and white combination, and also in red and tan combination. They are naturally a working breed, so they are very active, and possess immense stamina. They also serve as good companion dogs. Now a day this breed is also used in sports. They are usually calm and gentle, and are also not aggressive around other animals if they are properly socialized. They are very devoted and loyal do. They should be never left alone with a child, as the can be aggressive if unnecessarily provoked. This breed needs continuous mental and physical stimulation, and hence exercise is very important. They should have a well experienced owner rather than an inexperienced one. They need a calm and confident leader. This breed is not suitable as an apartment dog, as they are very active, and can get restless and destructive if they are confined in a small space. They are best to be brought up in a farm, or you should at least have a large yard if you are planning to buy this breed. They need regular exercise, to stay mentally and physically stable. They should be regularly taken out for long walks and also jogs. This breed only requires minimum grooming. They should be brushed or combed daily in order to keep their coat shiny and free f dust. Major health conditions affecting this breed are deafness and blindness, mostly seen in puppies. They can also suffer from occasional joint pain from extreme sports. The average life expectancy of this breed is 18 years or more.

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