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Kishu Breed Information

Kishu is also known as Kishu Ken. They were developed in Japan, and is very rare outside Japan, and has been declared as protected species in japan, since the year 1934. This breed is believed to have been bred about 3000 years ago. They were used as hunter dogs, to hunt bears, deer and also wild boars. They are medium in size and is covered with a double coat which is thick and also soft in texture. They are available in black, white and also brindle. They are also available in sesame and also in red colour. Their head is extremely broad and they have prickly ears. They are very lovely breed and also loyal towards their owner. They are quiet and very calm in nature. But if they are threatened, they can be very aggressive. They are very easy to train. They can be aggressive towards strangers if they are not properly socialized. They ca be friendly with cats, if they are brought up together, but not with other non-canine dogs. They are also aggressive towards smaller animals like squirrels, hamsters. They are also good tree climbers, when it comes to catch their prey. They need to be trained by firm and calm trainer. They are calm around kids but cannot be trusted leave them both alone. The average height of this breed is 45 cm to57 cm and the average weight of this breed 14kg to 28 kg. They should never be let alone in a kennel. They are best in homes, where they can be the part of a family. They have high energy level, so daily exercise is very essential for them. They should be taken out for daily walks, and jogs to make them active, or else they can get easily bored and destructive. They should be brushed regularly in order to remove the dust from their coat, and this will also help to avoid allergies. This breed is usually a healthy breed, and the average life expectancy of this breed is 11 years to 13 years.

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