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King Shepherd Dog Breed Information

King shepherd was originally developed in America by Shelley Watts and David Tukheimer. This breed is muscular and strongly built. Their body is long in structure. They have firm medium sized eyes and curved cheeks. They have thick ears, which are trim and firm, and are pointed in shape. They have very deep and broad chest. The tail is long and is covered with thick featherings. They have short and round, hard padded paws. They are available in different colours varying from, black, brown, black with tan combination, and black with golden cream combination. This breed is available in cross haired coat, and also in long straight haired coat. King shepherds are self-confident dogs. They are very intelligent as well as easy to train. They are great working dogs, and are also used as flock herder. They are highly protective and are also good companion dogs. They are powerful and energetic. They are extremely comfortable around children and are also playful when with them. They are very obedient breed and are easy to handle. They are protective in nature and are completely loyal towards its owner and the family. They can be aggressive around unfamiliar people, and therefore socialization is a must for them. The average height of a healthy King shepherd is 65 cm to 76 cm, and the average weight is 42 kg to 70 kg. This breed is not suitable to be an apartment pet, as they are very energetic, and can be destructive in confined spaces. They at least a large yard to be active and happy. They are easily bored and when bored they are very destructive, so fill them with activities and sufficient exercises to keep them active. They should be taken out for daily long walks of jogs. They have a weather resistant coat covering their body and hence they donít need any kind of special grooming sessions. They should be brushed and or combed regularly, and also bathed once in every month. The average life expectancy of a healthy King Shepherd is 10 years to 11 years. They do not possess any kind of major health conditions.

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